Cancer Care Initiative: Cancer Wellness in Denver



If you were told, “You have cancer,” wouldn’t you want the best, most complete team at your side?

Of course you would. That’s why we founded THE CANCER CARE INITIATIVE with the cancer care experts using services and facilities at Swedish Medical Center in Denver, Colorado. We believe in taking on cancer like a team of professional athletes faces and opponent – with an aggressive offense, powerful defense and a coach who keeps everyone organized and focused.


It’s simple: When the body and mind are stronger, you fight harder.


For many people, the second scariest thing to cancer is the treatment. And while radiation, chemotherapy, surgery and other approaches do take a physical and emotional toll on the body, they’re crucial to the possibility of winning the fight.


But at THE CANCER CARE INITIATIVE, we believe (in fact, we know), that by combining traditional therapies with nutrition, fitness, massage, acupuncture, pain management and other comprehensive services, patients have far less difficulty during treatment. They also feel stronger physically and mentally and actually have a better chance of making the transition from cancer patient to cancer survivor.


We want to provide this service to as many people in our community as we can, so we’ve initiated a major fund-raising campaign spearheaded by NBA 1,000 game winner, two-time cancer survivor and 2013 NBA Coach of the Year, George Karl.


GEORGE’S GOAL – AND OURS, is to make the Cancer Care Initiative’s full suite of services affordable for all. If you’d like to donate to this mission, visit


For more information or any questions please call (303) 788-9399(303) 788-9399 or print the brochure.


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