Stress Management Denver

Dr. Sood’s Life Mission

Having now connected with and helped tens of thousands of patients and students over the last five years with scientifically-validated programs, I believe I can offer useful insights into human stress, well-being, resiliency, and happiness. My life’s mission is to share this scientific and practical approach with as many as I can so we live a peaceful, content and happier life, and thereby make the world a better place for ourselves and our children. Learn more about Dr. Sood and his work with stress management here.

Transform Program

The Transform course is an immersion in understanding the neurosciences, philosophy and psychology of stress and wellbeing, and from that understanding develop a scientific and structured approach toward peace, happiness, resilience, and thriving. The program focuses on how we pay attention and how we interpret. Learn more here.

SMART Program

Our Stress Management and Resiliency Training (SMART) program is a structured program scientifically proven to decrease symptoms of stress and anxiety, and increase well-being, resilience, self-regulation, mindfulness, happiness, and positive health behavior.  SMART addresses two aspects of human experience – attention and interpretation. Learn more here.

Stress Management