Tai Yi Therapy in Denver

What is Tai Yi and how does it work?

Life Energy Flow Tai Yi is an ancient Chinese form of healing predating acupuncture that works with the entire meridian system. There are over 4000 different and specific treatments assisting in a wide range of issues from pain, disease, anger, fear, stress, depression, etc. What makes Tai Yi unique from other forms of energy work is that each treatment has its own unique grid system addressing each particular issue or imbalance.

The grid is what directs the Universal Energy to open the stagnation in the meridians for healing to occur. The science is based on the belief that the human body is composed of grids of energy. The Meridians are like energetic rivers that carry physical, emotional, and mental frequencies. When these meridians become out of balance or stagnate for whatever reason, Tai Yi is a powerful and effective tool balancing that flow of energy to create movement and healing throughout the human energy system.

Steps to take before and after your Tai Yi session

The most appropriate treatment for you will be based on our discussion of what you are working on and what outcome you are seeking.

Wear comfortable clothing that is not too bulky. It is preferable to wear a solid color. You will be removing your shoes and lying on a massage table.

Do not consume caffeine for at least one hour before your session.

Arrive to your appointment focused and relaxed. If you are ill with a virus the day of your appointment, please reschedule.

You will need to remove all jewelry, belts, watches and anything containing metal as metal will interfere with the sending of energy.

Give yourself permission to heal. Meaning, be open to the energy and to what may surface in the way of emotions, feelings, thoughts, memories, or an overall peaceful calmness.

It is important to allow the energy to continue working after the treatment so it is advised that you refrain from any hot tubs or whirlpools with jets for at least 3 days. Do not receive any body work for 5 to 7 days after receiving Tai Yi. This includes chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, chemo infusions, facials, and manicures or any other form of hands on work where applied pressure is involved. This will allow the treatment process to complete and be fully absorbed.

After the exercise, it is best to spend the rest of the day relaxing. Arrange your schedule to accommodate this time of healing for yourself.

Drink plenty of water after the treatment and during the next few days that follow.