Fall Fundraiser


Give back to Colorado’s essential healthcare workers. 

Together, we can help people in front-line healthcare roles avoid job burnout and relieve stress – within reach, at their place of work.

Supporting Colorado’s Essential Healthcare Workers

Front-line healthcare workers are keeping Colorado safe from the Corona virus. These essential people face daily anxiety: Not just doctors and nurses, but also hospital staff in environmental, food, and nutrition services.


Progressive Health Center is a Denver non-profit helping healthcare teams relieve stress and job burnout. PHC is dedicated to the concept of wellness within reach, where mind-body relief is both affordable and available, just a few steps away at the hospital work site.

“Our floor is super busy. A brief wellness experience brought my stress level from a 10 to a 4. Thank you!"

PHC Mission

PHC raises funds so essential healthcare workers can get stress relief at work, regardless of ability to pay. Donations are awarded to hospital staff who otherwise could not afford the cost of Integrative Health. Everybody wins: Patients, families, the entire community.

How You Can Help

Show appreciation for the people protecting our health: Donate today.

Help essential workers by donating a PHC Gift Card: Your generous gift will be distributed to a health worker, redeemable as payment for Integrative Health services. Or designate your donation for a loved one or valued colleague.*

How it Works

Your $$ → PHC Gift Card → Essential healthcare worker

Spread the word: Share the important mission of Progressive Health Center: Stress resilience for essential healthcare teams. Any amount helps, so please give now.

Are you an essential healthcare worker?

Are you on the front line of Colorado healthcare, in need of Integrative Health? This includes nurses, physicians, and hospital staff in environmental, food, and nutrition services. Apply now* for a PHC Gift Card that can be redeemed for Integrative Health services. Or forward this to a colleague.

*Integrative health services are currently available only to front-line healthcare workers at these Colorado facilities: P/SL-RMHC, Rose Medical Center.